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Harry Hoover is an author, a content developer and a speaker, primarily on self-improvement topics.  The 1976 graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill studied broadcast journalism and political science. After graduation, he spent six years as a radio and newspaper journalist, covering cops and courts, hosting a daily call-in talk show, serving as a columnist and managing editor, as well as performing color commentator duties for UNCC basketball. He has started You, Improved, a blog designed to help readers improve their bodies, minds, spirits and lives.

Books by Harry Hoover include:

Get Glad: Your Practical Guide To A Happier Life

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Get Glad

Getting happier is easy with Get Glad: Your Practical Guide to a Happier Life. This personal development book leads you through scientifically proven ways to become a little bit happier day-by-day.

Author Harry Hoover says, “My purpose in life is to help others on their self-improvement journey. I believe that all people should have some measure of happiness in their lives, so I wrote Get Glad to show listeners how to get happier.”

You’ve probably listened to other self-help books whose programs were too difficult to implement. Get Glad is so simple and effective, it should be one of the seven secrets of highly effective people. This life-changing, motivational book will help you in your personal growth. Come with us on this simple, practical step-by-step journey down the road toward happiness.

What They’re Saying About Get Glad!

A book for the everyday person, it was uplifting and so easy to apply to my life. The advanced copy I received was worth the quick read. It was short, and easy to read which made all the applications to gain a happier life simple and straightforward. There isn’t a person I know that wouldn’t gain something from this book, and BONUS there is a wine guide in there! Even after a month of reading this I still do most things in the book, and happier I am!


Harry Hoover hits the nail on the head with this straightforward guide to improving your outlook on daily life. I received an advanced copy of the book, and I am certainly glad I did. It came at an opportune time, when I really needed a plan for pulling myself out of a series of events that had me down. Harry’s book helps you set attainable goals with simple, trackable steps that keep you accountable. This isn’t a read that will mire you down in a never-ending onslaught of psycho-babble. This is a down-to-earth, real world way to improve your outlook.


Harry’s book made me happy! It is indeed practical, with very useful tips on how to improve your happiness. It is encouraging to know that there are steps you can take, that anyone can take, to improve your outlook on life and general well being. I’d encourage everyone to not only read the book, but live it.


Harry’s practical approach to getting glad is straight-forward, inspiring, and empowering. Harry has built an effortless and FUN! roadmap to achieve and maintain happiness. This is a must read for all…I’m so ‘glad’ I did. ‘


Born Creative: Free Your Mind, Free Yourself

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Born Creative: Free Your Mind, Free Yourself

In Creativity, Inc. readers learned about how to build and manage a creative team. Harry Hoover’s Born Creative brings it down to the individual level, showing you how to unleash your innate creativity so you can exercise more individual freedom.  Big Magic talks about the mystery of creativity. Born Creative demystifies it.

Build A Better Life, Creatively!

  • Being able to spot issues and solve problems is a competitive advantage in any setting
  • Embracing your creativity boosts your self-confidence
  • Unlocking your creative abilities puts you on the path to greater individual freedom
  • Mastering the ability to let ideas flow at will makes you realize that nothing can stand in your way

Use our creativity exercises to build your very own personal development plan. It’s self-improvement 101 in a quick-reading book.

What They’re Saying About Born Creative!

Harry Hoover has produced a book well worth the read if you are looking for tools to improve your personal or group’s creative process. He correctly insists that if we are to expand our inventive horizons, we must first believe in ourselves and in our own potential for creativity. His writing style is practical, thankfully lacking in the kind of psycho-babble often associated with other books on the subject. Hoover’s straight-forward ideas combined with inspiring illustrations, come from a writer who has obviously mastered personal creativity through years of thinking and then creating. I wholeheartedly recommend the book. As the title suggests, free your mind – free yourself.


Harry Hoover knows creativity…a topic he addresses frequently on his blog and in social media–and now it’s the topic of his new ebook, “Born Creative: Free Your Mind, Free Yourself.” In 25 compelling pages, Harry explains what creativity is, why all of us and not just a special few have the capacity to be creative (it’s literally in our DNA), and how each of us can tap into our own creative abilities.


Most of his writing here is about how to be creative, starting by getting past the single biggest roadblock most of us face when trying to “be creative.” Supporting many of his points with entertaining stories, Harry explains various techniques for unlocking creativity, among them: changing the question, making a “creativity calendar,” and the SCAMMPERR method. As Harry notes, “When an adult is challenged to come up with ideas, he or she typically generates three to six possible solutions. The average child generates 60. We need to be more child-like in our approach to ideas.” In this brief, enjoyable, and incredibly useful ebook, Harry explains how to do just that.


Moving To Charlotte: The Un-Tourist Guide

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Moving to Charlotte: The Un-Tourist Guide

What They’re Saying About Moving To Charlotte!

Any book that recommends Bar-B-Que King on Wilkinson Boulevard must be AMAZING!
This slice of Charlotte, NC will help you get your foot in the door of any social setting. It offers a crash course of what this city is all about. The information is eye-opening to newcomers as well as native Charlotteans. It gives new insight to things/places we “locals” have passed by time and time again. Fellas: This book is full of “Date Night” ideas that are non-generic. Mr. Hoover has done most of the leg work for you!A “geo-cache” of The Queen City’s truest treasures!


My husband and I have moved a number of times in the past 15 years and it would be extremely helpful to have a book like this created for each city we have lived in. I have read this book cover to cover and it is a must have. Buy it, your life will be easier.


This book is a gem – a must-read guide – for folks considering a move to Charlotte. It’s also a very entertaining and informative read for those of us already living in the Queen City. I learned some new things about my adopted city, and loved reading the short commentaries by a few of the city’s movers and shakers. If you read this book, you’ll learn the facts and understand the nuances of what makes Charlotte tick.


Harry Hoover does a great job of giving the reader a feel for Charlotte. I wish I’d had this book when we first moved here. It would have answered so many questions and saved us a lot of time! This will be my “go-to gift” for anyone who even mentions moving to Charlotte! But for now, he shares so many places to go and things to do that I’ll have to catch up on anything we’ve missed!


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