Three Exercises For A Creativity Boost

Three Exercises For A Creativity Boost

Creativity is one of the key topics we discuss here at You, Improved. So, we decided to develop this post that focuses on ways to boost your creativity.

Creativity Boost 1: The Mindtrip

A mindtrip is a way to find a novel solution to a problem by looking at it from a different perspective. For instance you take very specific mindtrip, by examining the problem from the perspective of someone from history. Let’s say you want to generate more wealth and you look at the problem through the eyes of Andrew Carnegie.

Or, you can make it more fanciful, just letting your mind wander and grabbing the first image that comes to mind and following it.

Here’s an example: Sally needed a better place to study for her exams. Her roommates distracted her and she did not want to go to the library. She needed a new way to think about it so she went on an excursion. The image of a mushroom popped up in her mind. She pretended she was inside a mushroom. It was cool and damp as though in a cave. The walls were nubbly and moist. There was a faint pulse as though the mushroom was breathing – it was a little like a heartbeat…

Sally thought, “Heartbeat… it would be comforting, as though I am in a womb. It would block out other distracting noise. That is what I will do. I will record my heartbeat and then play it back into earphones. Wherever I am will be a place to study.”

So, the next time you need to find a solution, go on a mindtrip and comment below to let us know your story.

Creativity Boost 2: Urban Photo Adventure

Let’s take an urban photo adventure to inspire your creativity. We’d like to see examples of your work. So, let’s use the Flickr tag creativityboost.

It’s easy to find beauty in a natural setting, but not as easy in a gritty urban environment. You need to look at things differently to find the hidden beauty in the man-made inner city. What kinds of urban items can you find that have their own type of beauty?

Look closely. Sometimes beauty is in the tiny detail or in the shadows. Often you’ll find unique colors or colors in interesting juxtaposition. Is nature taking over the urban environment?

There are lots of lines and angles in the city. Can you use them to your advantage?

Kids can find a way to have fun anywhere. Look around. What have you found? fun in the fountain

Please upload them to Flickr, use the creativityboost tag and comment below to let us know when you have finished your urban photo adventure.

Creativity Boost 3: Dictionary Prompt

Next, we’re heading to the dictionary for a creativity boost. Here’s what I want you to do:

You’re going to select six words and use them to write a story of less than 250 words. You will select your six words from:

  • page 52, 11th word down
  • page 111, 2nd word down
  • page 144, 1st word down
  • page 199, 9th word down
  • page 225, 12th word down
  • page 243, 6th word down

Now, that you have your six words, open the dictionary at random, close your eyes and select a word. That word will provide the subject of your story.

Use the first three words in your opening paragraph. The last three words may be sprinkled throughout the story. In the comments form below, list your subject and six words for us, like this:

Subject:                                      Words:

Then, share your completed story with us. Want more creativity exercises? Check out my book, Born Creative.

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