Finish Strong - Don't Leave Your Strong Start Hanging

But Can You Finish Strong?

Finish strong

Finish strong. I’ve heard this many times when running 5 and 10K races. In my experience, whether competing in a race, writing a book or completing a big work project, a lot of people can muster a strong start.

Finishing is a different story.

I asked my Twitter followers about finishing. Here’s what some said.

finish strong

There’s always one joker in the crowd!

A recent survey found that 80% of adult Americans said they wanted to write a book. Author Jane McGonigal reported that over 90% of young people in the United States say they want to write a book someday.  It has been written that only about 5% start writing a book, and 97% never finish the book. Around 1% of those who do start actually publish.

Wow! I was a bit surprised by that. But after a recent incident, it became clear to me those numbers are right. (Hey, if you are interested in becoming a better writer, check out the resource box below.)

A would-be author hired me to help him bring his book idea to life. Basically, my job was to nag him to get his content down on paper.  After about two weeks, he had a good introduction and a solid outline.

I encouraged him, and goaded him when he was slacking.

Then, last week he called me to cancel our arrangement. He didn’t have a strong finish in him. Hell, he didn’t even have a weak finish in him.

I should have seen this coming. Self-discipline is lacking in America.

Finish Strong

The ability to suck it up, to do what needs to be done, and take it the distance is a rarity.

So, if you have published a book, rejoice. You are one of the few. Congratulations.

If you are a finisher in other areas of life, God bless you. If you can finish strong, that’s even more rare. We need more finishers just like you.

We’ll talk more soon about how to be a finisher.

Have you finished anything recently? Tell us about it…

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