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Hi, printed book reader and audiobook listener of Get Glad: Your Practical Guide To A Happier Life. The ebook contains links to many good sources of information that are unwieldy in the printed and audio versions of the book. So, I decided to post this with a chapter-by-chapter list of the links in case you wanted to get the rest of the story.

Then Top 7 Reasons You Aren’t Happy

Princeton University study

Being Happier: An Achievable Goal

susceptible to negative emotions.



research-based program that takes just seven minutes

being outside makes people happier.

eat every four hours

hunger hormone.

Three Steps To Speed Us On The Road To Happiness

48% of our happiness level is hard-wired

rewires your brain

reduces depression

feeling of well-being


online course

The Body Scan

The Raisin Exercise

Walking Meditation

What’s My Purpose?

You, Improved

write the types of books

list of 400 human values

Check herehere and here for ideas.

cheat sheet

few personal mission statements

Ben Franklin.

online personal mission statement tool


Your Happiness Audit

Online happiness audit tools – here and here.

Commit To Happiness Daily

The Lost Art of Commitment

Therapist David Steele agrees

Your brain is a remarkable instrument

happiness each day.

and science suggests



Drink Water

Take action

walk in nature

Be Grateful

The practice of gratitude

Berkeley University

Their research reveals

gratitude journal,

Keeping a gratitude journal to express

Be Mindful

Mindfulness is a state of active,

Jay Dixit in an article from Psychology Today,

Mindfulness reduces stress

reduces chronic pain

They have higher self-esteem

that underlie depressionbinge eating, and attention problems.

As in trying to achieve happiness

try the child’s pose

Get one of these great books on yoga.

Get one of the books on this list and start meditating.

Winemakers named many of the larger sized bottles after kings of Israel.

Here’s a wine color chart

Wine Aroma Wheel by Wine Folly

The Complete Wine Taste & Aroma Kit

Wine Folly: The Essential Guide To Wine

Riedel 4-Piece Wine Tasting Set

Shop For Wine On Amazon

Be A Friend

2010 review of several research studies

150 total relationships.

Yet another study at the University of Oxford

defines good friends in an article in Psychology Today.

A commitment to your happiness.

I asked my Twitter followers

Vicki Bechard, who said,

Putting It All Together

Today, science is validating their wisdom.

It’s Alastair Sims in the 1951 film, Scrooge.

Uncontrollable Laughter

You’re On The Air


Now, That’s Windy

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