Happiness Plan: From Despair To Happiness In Six Steps

Our Happiness Plan: From Despair To Happier In Six Steps

happiness plan

The Happiness Plan

Our happiness plan is a step-by-step approach to getting happier a little bit at a time until – inevitably – we find happiness. Now, remember, no one is blissfully happy all of the time. But with this approach, you can live a much happier, and more fulfilling life.

You don’t jump straight from despair to full-blown happiness. First, you must lay a foundation for happiness. This gets us physically and mentally ready.

One of the first things we need to do is unlearn what society tries to pound into us: work hard, become successful and achieve happiness. Friend, the notion that success brings happiness is ass-backwards. In my experience it is happiness that makes you successful, not the reverse.

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Most of the trappings of so-called success don’t contribute to our happiness. Once we have the money to buy anything we want, we want more, we want better or we want something else entirely. It’s a vicious circle upon which run like a hamster on a wheel, hungering for the next material goal.

When we are happy, we are able to be content with what we have. I believe this a better, healthier way to live. So, we need a plan to get us off the hamster wheel and on the road to getting happier.

Let’s discuss the elements of our happiness plan and in future posts, we’ll talk in detail about how to accomplish each of the components of our plan.

Purpose Statement. I believe that having a purpose helps place us on the road to happiness.

Happiness Audit. We can’t know if we are happy until we know what makes us happy. The happiness audit will fill in the blanks for us.

Commit To Happiness Daily. Every morning, make the commitment to yourself that you will do something that makes you happy.

Be Grateful. To me, more than anything else on this list, gratitude is the path to happiness.

Be MindfulIf you live on auto-pilot, you often miss out on the best moments of your life. By being mindful, you become aware of the moments in your day. And, remember, we are only guaranteed this moment.

Be A Good Friend. A lot of research points to the tie between happiness and close, personal connections. But to have a good friend, you must first be one.

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happiness plan

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