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Your blog content is old and tired, your website copy is misdirected, and your ads have seen better days. With a simple email, or a call to 704-953-3406, you can fix that.

Hire me to write fresh, vibrant blog posts, focused web copy and ads that speak to your audience.

What They’re Saying About Harry

Harry was really awesome to work with. He completed 5 blog articles for my website and I plan to use him again. I highly recommend him. – Michelle Rigg, AbilityBridge.com


I learned quickly that when working with Harry, you knew things were going to be done right and timely. In the years since, he has been the pro I’ve turned to for PR, writing, or social media assistance or advice. He is a person of impeccable character and professionalism in addition to being a pleasure to work with. He becomes a part of a client’s team. I highly recommend Harry Hoover. – Dick Trammell, Director, North Carolina Travel (retired)


Harry was outstanding! He understood the overview of my project, listened intently and rocked it! Thanks Harry for you! – Jyl Steinback, America’s Healthiest Mom


When we were looking for someone to write the Charlotte edition of our Un-Tourist Guide© series of books, we thought immediately of Harry Hoover. We knew he was an expert on his hometown and a former journalist, but we didn’t know anything about his writing abilities. We were pleasantly surprised to find his writing is clean, crisp and humorous. I’d like to find a Harry Hoover in every future Un-Tourist Guide© community. – Newt Barrett, President, Voyager Media


Harry Hoover has produced a book well worth the read if you are looking for tools to improve your personal or group’s creative process. He correctly insists that if we are to expand our inventive horizons, we must first believe in ourselves and in our own potential for creativity. His writing style is practical, thankfully lacking in the kind of psycho-babble often associated with other books on the subject. Hoover’s straight-forward ideas combined with inspiring illustrations, come from a writer who has obviously mastered personal creativity through years of thinking and then creating. I wholeheartedly recommend the book. As the title suggests, free your mind – free yourself. – Kenneth Mills, Ph.D. 


I’ve never met the author, but his writing style had me feeling like we were sitting together in the living room having a comfortable, yet stimulating, conversation between friends. Packed with warm, down to earth, practical information, this book can provide encouragement and steps toward happier days straight away. – Laurie Bonser, Author


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