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Monday Motivation #7

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Today’s Tips

Your challenge: Reconnect with the people in your life. Here are some ideas for doing that:

  • Meet up for coffee or lunch with a friend or relative this week.
  • Call a long distant friend or family member this week.
  • Do a fun activity with your family this week.


What’s holding you back? Are you wanting to make changes in your life but just can’t quite get those changes underway? Are you waiting for the “right time” to make a move? If so, let me tell you, there is never a completely right time.

When I had made the decision to start my business, I planned to do it in March, 2001. The ad agency I worked for lost a huge client and we had to do a layoff. Since I was in upper management, I didn’t want it to appear that the rats were leaving a sinking ship, so I offered to stay until the end of September. We all know what happened on September 11. Was this the right time to leave? I don’t think so, but I left anyway, implemented my plan and immediately landed two clients.

Typically, it is fear in some form that keeps you from taking that first step. Chantal Gagnon writes about this in a PsychCentral article.

The power of fear never ceases to amaze me. It can control people’s entire lives and destiny!

I was in Orlando, Florida, the day I realized that fear was just a made-up idea — a concept that is both very real for most people, yet not real at all. I was in my car, listening to an audio CD of interviews with self-made millionaires when the interviewee (in response to a question about how he got one particular business started) said: “I figured, if it wasn’t going to kill me or cause permanent bodily harm, what was there to lose really? So, we gave it a shot.”

That was a life-transforming moment for me. If it wasn’t going to kill me or cause permanent bodily damage, why not give it a shot? I had a consciousness shift in that moment and decided to stop letting fear prevent me from doing the things I wanted to do. And when fear creeps back in (as it always does because that’s how the human mind works), I find ways to quickly get rid of it. Here are some of my tricks.

Get rid of fear of failure.This is the big one. Many people are afraid of failure. What’s that all about? What is so bad about failure? First of all, let’s establish that failure isn’t going to kill you or cause bodily harm, and the good news is that it will teach you things you need to know.

There’s a piece of wisdom that says life is the hardest teacher because she gives you the test before the lesson. That’s failure. Failure is how you learn. Failure is a necessary component of success. Let me repeat that in different way: it is not possible to really succeed without failing first. By simply shifting your perception of failure as something to be avoided to something that is here to help you and teach you the path to success, failure can become your best ally.

Check out the rest of the tips here.


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