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Our mission is to provide you with tips and information on how to improve your body, mind, spirit and life.

You will find a heavy dose of information here about creativity and how to develop your own creative talents. Our primary blogger, Harry Hoover, has learned volumes about creativity in his more than 35-year advertising, marketing and PR career. He has written a book, called Born Creative: Free Your Mind, Free Yourself, which lays out how to use your God-given creative talents to design the life you desire. BornCreative

Here are a few of our favorite posts on creativity.


27 Ways To Be More Creative – Who doesn’t want to be more creative? These simple ideas will move you along the path to increased creativity.

Top 7 Tips For Successful Brainstorming – Typically, brainstorming is done wrong. Here’s how to be successful at it.

Three Exercises For A Creativity Boost – Creativity is one of the key topics we discuss here at You, Improved. So, we decided to develop this post that focuses on ways to boost your creativity.

11 Myths About Creativity – There are so many myths about creativity. In fact, most of what you believe about the brain and its seemingly magical attribute of creativity is wrong.


You, Improved is first and foremost about self-improvement. So, here are some of our top rated posts on the subject.

Top Fitness Tools – We took a look at some of the fitness tools you need to build the body you want.

Top Mind Improvement Tools – Here are the tools you’ll need to improve your mind.

Get Glad – Happiness is a personal decision, so let’s decide to get glad!

Top 7 Reasons You Aren’t Happy – It is important to examine what is affecting your happiness in order to move to a happier state of mind.

Being Happier – An Achievable Goal – Are you striving for happiness when just being happier is good enough?

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