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Top 10 Posts Of 2016

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These are the top 10 You, Improved posts of 2016 as ranked by the number of views. Enjoy!

Answer 9 Quick Questions & Live Longer By Living Purposefully – Living purposefully adds years – as well as higher quality – to your life. But how do we go about living purposefully?

Best Workout Songs Ever – No matter what your workout, we have assembled the best workout songs and placed them in a playlist for you in no particular order. Let’s get started muscling up to music.

Best Youtube Fitness Channels – The best Youtube fitness channels for 2016! We’ve researched them so you don’t have to. What follows is a list of the 27 best fitness Youtube channels, ranging from the ripped and shredded to the lean and mean.

Top 7 Reasons That You Aren’t Happy – You may wonder why you aren’t happy. The truth is that you can be happy, but it is important to examine what is affecting your happiness in order to move to a happier state of being.

Three Steps To Speed Us on The Road To Happiness – We’re on the road to happiness. Our journey begins with a single step toward getting happier, not with trying to achieve happiness in one giant leap. We get there step-by-step, mile-by-mile, getting a little bit happier each day. Or, at least, that’s our goal.

Our Happiness Plan – You don’t jump straight from despair to full-blown happiness. First, you must lay a foundation for happiness. This gets us physically and mentally ready. Our happiness plan is a step-by-step approach to getting happier a little bit at a time until – inevitably – we find happiness.

Being Happier: An Achievable Goal – Are you striving for happiness when just being happier is good enough? I don’t know anyone who is happy all the time. Well, maybe the Dalai Lama, but aside from him, happiness eludes even the most cheerful of us from time-to-time. So, I don’t think your initial aim should be to achieve utter happiness. I would recommend that you aim at a target that’s easier to hit.

Top 9 Links For A More Flexible You – There are many reasons to be a more flexible you, particularly as you age. Being flexible can improve your athletic performance, as well as decrease your risk of injury from muscle and disc strains that occur as we perform our daily activities.

11 Myths About Creativity – There are so many myths about creativity. In fact, most of what you believe about the brain and its seemingly magical attribute of creativity is wrong. Michael Gelb, author of How To Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci, reports that 95% of what we know about the brain has been learned in the past 20 years.

Random Acts Of Kindness Make You Happier – Random acts of kindness make you happier. Science and religion agree. Earth’s major religions have been telling us for eons that doing good deeds is as good for us as for the people receiving the beneficence. Scientific studies now are supporting this view.

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