Weekly Hacks #16 - You, Improved

Weekly Hacks #16

weekly hacks

Each Wednesday, You, Improved pulls together a selection of the best hacks we have found for body, mind, spirit and life. Let’s see what self-improvement resources we have for you this week from some of our many digital colleagues.

Body: The Perfect Morning Post-Workout Smoothie – Ever had this problem? You rock your morning workout. You feel totally unstoppable — and realize quickly once home and showered that you need fuel that’s both healthy and quick to help you recover (and feed the growling belly!). Try this. 

Mind: Five Healthy, Practical Ways To Handle Change – Even though we know this on an intellectual level, dealing with uninvited changes can often be a struggle for many people. While change is the thing which allows anything and everything to come into existence to begin with, it’s often unwelcome. Here’s how to deal with it.

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Spirit: 5 Weird Questions That Could Reveal Your True Purpose – One of the most common questions I get asked is, “How do I find my life purpose?” The short answer is to follow your joy route. What does that mean? Your find your joy route by identifying what makes you happy, what makes you feel alive, and what brings you uninhibited joy. And then you follow it.

Life: How To Bring The Fun & Excitement Of Travel To Everyday Life – Travel can be exciting so why can’t we bring that excitement to our everyday lives? Maybe we can.

Got body, mind, spirit or life hacks to share? Drop us a note.

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