Weekly Hacks #17 - You, Improved

Weekly Hacks #17

Each Wednesday, You, Improved pulls together a selection of the best hacks we have found for body, mind, spirit and life. Let’s see what self-improvement resources we have for you this week from some of our many digital colleagues.

Body: 15 Most Challenging Calisthenics – Using only your bodyweight is a great way to muscle up and get more fit. These 15 exercises will challenge you. Give them a try.

Mind: The Secret To Quieting A Frazzled Mind – The same thoughts keep percolating at the back of your mind, your mind is stuck on a loop, and you can’t think straight long enough to make it stop. Music, exercise, cleaning, working—nothing stops the whirl and tumble. What can you do to soothe the frazzled beast?

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Spirit: We’re Only Guaranteed Today, So Stop Waiting For Tomorrow – Too often, we get busy in life and forget about the importance of staying connected to those we love most. When you are faced with life or death, these so-called issues do not seem to matter at all. You will not care if you missed that deadline or what that stranger thinks of you. These challenges and insecurities are a part of life, but do not need to take over your life.

Life: Design Your Perfect Day – There are a few ways to think about what you want in life. You can think of things you want (material possessions). You can think of relationships you want (friendships, family, romance). You can think of categories of needs (spiritual, physical, mental, emotional).  One great way to simplify all of this is to design your perfect day.

Got body, mind, spirit or life hacks to share? Drop us a note.

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