Weekly Hacks #30 - You, Improved

Weekly Hacks #30

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Each Wednesday, You, Improved pulls together a selection of the best hacks we have found for your body, mind, spirit and life. Let’s see what self-improvement resources we have for you this week from some of our many digital colleagues.

Body: Why You Need To Be Doing Hurricane Sprints – Hurricane sprints take the interval training workouts you know and love and fear, and make them even more grueling by adding in upper body and core exercises in place of rest periods.

Mind: Are You An Overthinker?Amit Amin believes there is an overthinking epidemic. Are you an overthinker? Time to swap overthinking for a little more action.

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Spirit: How To Handle The Difficult Times – The times when the world is collapsing are the richest areas of exploration, and when we need mindfulness, meditation, and compassion most.

Life: 5 Hidden Qualities Of Bold Individuals – Sometimes it seems like there is a magic potion that separates highly confident individuals who act in the face of fear and everyone else who feel like they’re often going around in circles. Let’s check out their secrets.

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