Weekly Hacks #73 - You, Improved

Weekly Hacks #73

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Weekly Hacks, is our curated selection of the best hacks we have found for your body, mind, spirit and life. Check out these self-improvement resources we have for you from some of our many digital colleagues. We select from only the best self-improvement blogs. Let us know if you develop self-improvement content. We might feature you.

Body: High Fat Diets For Endurance Athletes – Trusted fitness professionals like Professor Tim Noakes, Ben Greenfield and Tim Ferriss are touting the benefits of ketosis, which has brought high fat, low carb diets for athletes in to the spotlight.

Mind: How To Develop A Killer Morning Routine – The first hour of your morning is the most critical. The way you begin your day is directly related to how the rest of it pans out. Period. Multiply that by 365 and you’ve got a pretty good idea of how your entire year will be. So, let’s craft a routine that will have you owning every day.

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Spirit: Three Little Reminders That Will Make You Feel Less Alone – In the midst of bad days and hard times, it’s easy to look around and see a bunch of people who seem to be doing perfectly fine.  But I assure you they’re not.  No matter how embarrassed or pathetic you feel about your own situation, there are others out there experiencing the same emotions. Remember these three things when you are feeling alone.

Life: 21 Ways To Make Life Simpler – In this week’s article I’d like to share 21 small habits that help people to live a simpler life. Pick one of these to get started and keep doing it until it sticks and becomes just another normal part of your life.

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Got hacks to share that provide tips on how to improve your body, mind, spirit or life? Drop us a note.

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Harry is an author, writer-for-hire, speaker, and publisher of You, Improved. He has written three books: Get Glad - Your Practical Guide To A Happier Life, Born Creative: Free Your Mind, Free Yourself, and Moving to Charlotte: The Un-Tourist Guide.

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