Top Fitness Tools For 2017 To Improve Your Performance

top fitness tools for 2017

Top Fitness Tools For 2017

You’ve probably got a lot of self-improvements on your mind as we get rolling into the new year. Let’s make this year the year that you stick to your resolution to build the best you possible. In today’s post, we take a look at top fitness tools for 2017.

Body Tools

Let’s start with the best workout I have found: kettlebells. A kettlebell workout provides both strength and cardio benefits, as well as improved flexibility. A beginner’s kettlebell workout, in case you are just starting out, helps teach you the proper form. This kettlebell workout is aimed at women, and this one is a little more advanced. Here’s a nice 5-piece kettlebell set to get you going. OK, now let’s get you a little more flexible with yoga. This DVD from Kanta Barrios will relax you and make you more flexible in no time. Get yourself one of these yoga mats. Believe me, you will be much more comfortable and less likely to slip in difficult poses.

If you are a carboholic as I am, you need to cut carbs and add protein to your diet. The Atkins Diet worked wonders for me, helping me lose weight and regulating my metabolism so that I was no longer getting cranky between meals. And when I need a boost of protein, I pick up one of these Think Thin bars. (The white chocolate ones are my favorite.) They are a good breakfast substitute when I don’t want to eat much before hitting the gym.

I have been using BioTrust products and feel that I am getting real, tangible benefits from them. Here is one called BioTrust Advance Fat-Burning Hormone Support that helps you burn off fat. I also just started taking the Metabo379, a non-stimulant fat metabolism booster, so the jury is still out on that one.  I’ll keep you posted on that. Progene is specifically for men. It has really boosted my energy level, as well as helping turn fat into lean muscle. I highly recommend it.

Finally, if you want to keep track of your heart rate, give this Polar Bluetooth Tracker a try.

Body Resources

Brett Larkin – Brett is an excellent yoga instructor, who has a superb Youtube Channel. Her workouts require no previous yoga experience, so it’s great for beginners. Brett’s videos inspired me to take up yoga. Her 15-minute morning routine is my favorite.

Fitness Blender – Here’s an excellent beginner’s kettlebell workout, aimed primarily at women.

Atkins Nutritionals – The Atkins folks provide solid resources on their Youtube Channel. This video explains the science behind the diet.

Stay tuned. We’re working on finding tools for your mind, spirit and life.

Do you have any top fitness tools for 2017 to suggest?

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